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Sol Shine, Solstice Workshop

June 20-23, 2019

Sonic Bloom Festival, Hummingbird Ranch, Rye, Colorado, USA

Celebrate International Yoga Day and the sacred cycle of the Summer Solstice with Summit Sadhana at the Sonic Bloom music festival. 

Embody the divine spirit within, allowing yourself to be breathed by the benevolent mother earth on this sacred solstice day. We will explore the intimate relationship to Mata Gaia, each other, and ourselves by tapping into our cosmic energy and opening our hearts to honor the rhythmical progression of internal time illuminated by our own breath wave. 

Breathe. Become. Be. Immersion

September 17-22, 2019

Crestone Mountain Zen Retreat Center, Crestone, Colorado, USA


***Camping for this retreat***


There is a discounted rate for retreat campers. Camping is on site, with showers. All meals, classes, gift bag, and one-on-one attention is included. 

Registration for retreat campers is below. 

*50% deposit is required upon registration. The remaining balance will be due upon arrival* 

If you've thought about doing a retreat or needing a retreat, this is an opportunity to take the step into yourself, for your self. If you feel like you're not functioning at your optimal, can do better, need to get on with your life in a more positive way, need to get on with the healing work, increase energy, make the changes into a healthier lifestyle, reevaluate your life and need mental clarity, have physical ailments that need attention, have stress weighing you down, suffer from anxiety or depression, have traumas you feel are holding you back from life, want to learn yoga and be want to be given tools tailored to your needs in an intimate, supportive place, are tired of the same old routine, want to learn from an international teacher, want the deep yogic immersion without going to India, need vibrancy in your life, or just want to dive deeper into your personal power and increase your strength and resilience, than this event is specifically for you. 

Join international Kundalini teacher, Thomas Ender and 500HR RYT, Lacy Archer for this five-night, six-day yoga retreat in the sacred atmosphere of the Crestone Mountain Zen Center. Under the majestic backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains we will turn inward, tapping into and awakening the inner-guru, grasping mental clarity, and enlivening the life force, bringing us the mental power to bear discovery and unite with the pure self. When we discover the pure self, we discover life's purpose. Using your bodies, minds, and senses, you will be guided into self-empowerment, self-experience, and self-realization. We'll offer our daily grace through asana, breath work, mediation, and movement with systematic yoga practices based on ancient Kundalini Parampara, Tantra, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra, sound bath, movement meditation, journaling, and art therapy.

  1. This is an intimate group retreat located in the heart of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, within the sacred spaces of the Crestone Mountain Zen Center. On-site accommodation, locally sourced, wholesome organic meals, classes, one-on-one attention, a Summit Sadhana Yogi's Essentials schwag bag, and plenty of time to rest, rejuvenate, and experience temples and nature are all included in this.


Day Retreats

Summit Sadhana Yoga, Durango, Colorado, USA

Join Summit Sadhana for day retreats under the green sky, within the forest sanctuary of the San Juan Mountains. 

Give the gift of deep peace! Book a private retreat with a friend, loved one or join scheduled group session to grow your personal practice. Dive deep to explore the art of yoga through a variety of disciplines. Learn to manage the everyday stressors through yoga. Gain the basics to support a healthy lifestyle, and develop tools to support your personal needs. 

From 10 AM until 3:00 PM enjoy a tailor made practice and lunch catered to your yogic desires. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this retreat is for you. Yoga is for every Body! 

- $125 per person for 2 people

- $115 per person for 3 people

- $105 per person for 4 people 

  ***maximum 4 persons***

Top picture: Sadhana in unique locations

Bottom picture: Serving assorted, local, Old Barrel Tea Company, loose-leaf teas. 

Private Retreat Online Reservation

Book your session. We will confirm your reservation via email.

Reserve your spot for a scheduled day retreat.

Treat yourself to a scheduled group retreat. Group sizes are small, 4 person maximum, so spots are limited. 

We begin at 10 AM and end at 3:00 PM with a variety of yoga disciplines, determined ahead of time based on the group's needs and desires. Assorted teas, gourmet coffee, and lunch, catered to your dietary needs is provided. 

- $99 per person

Yoga Parties for Special Occasions

Summit Sadhana, wherever you are.

Give the gift of yoga to your wedding party, loved one's birthday, bachelorette party, bridal shower, girlfriends' weekend, or staff. 

Enjoy an intimate, nourishing practice with your favorite people. Cut the stress and raise the love and compassion to the next level. 

Contact me to personalize this experience for you.