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Who We Are

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the dedicated facilitators of Summit Sadhana, on the journey to empower humans to live a beautiful, healthy life through yoga. From the San Juan Mountains of Colorado to the Alps of Austria we are here to share the art of living through yoga with you. 

Lacy Archer

Durango, Colorado, USA

I am a wild, fiery woman, in connection to Mother Earth and humanity. On this journey, I am a student of time and a teacher of my experience. I like to run through the mountains and do yoga on the peaks in honor of these great cathedrals. Thus, Summit Sadhana is born. I spend my time in nature, with my furry companion, traveling, celebrating life, giving back to the communities that support me, and working on sustainability projects.

I am a 500-HR registered yoga teacher and a life-long student of the practice, continually learning from others to deepen my own experience and practice. I have studied Tantra Hatha Vinyasa under the loving guidance of the Iyenger, Hatha, and Tantra teachers of Anahata Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand, and I have studied Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Ayurveda under a array of teachers in India. Under the influence of my Ayurvedic studies I have come to believe in yoga as a preventative and healing treatment, which has now led me into Yoga Therapy, where yoga can be an eye opening treatment for grief, cancer, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma.

My yoga life began in my mid-twenties but it wasn't until I began putting ultra trail miles on my body that I cultivated a consistent yoga practice for body strengthening and maintenance. It helped me to remain injury free and run longer. Then, in 2015, I was in a major car accident that left me with physical injuries, depression, and anxiety. This is when yoga changed my life. I went deep within my practice to heal my mind, rediscover myself, and strengthen my body from the inside out. It taught me how to manage my depression and anxiety and how to listen to my body. Yoga has been my greatest teacher of intuition, acceptance, compassion, love for myself and others, and how to simply Be in the moment of overwhelming feeling without harsh judgement. Yoga has shown me parts of myself I never knew existed, empowered me to live from my heart, opened me up, made me available to give of myself to others, and taught me how to flow with ease and harmony through the world. Finding the path of yoga has been the greatest blessing in my life. Through yoga I have found a way to live fully in the joy of life, as well as the passion, purpose, and dedication to share this gift of experience with others. 

Along my yoga journey I have come to realize that yoga is for every Body, but we all have different needs and desires. It is not One Size Fits All. It is most physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually beneficial if it is tailored to compassionately and mindfully target each of our unique afflictions. This is why I prefer smaller, more intimate classes, private classes and retreats. Join me for a day retreat, immersion, getaway, or private class, and experience the optimal benefits through the art of yoga. 

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Thomas Ender

Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria

I am a traveler, musician, music teacher, yoga practitioner, and seeker. Since an early age, I wanted to find answers to the big questions "What is the sense of life?" "Who are we and why are we here?" "Is there a god and how can I find god?" My search led me to various paths like Yoga, Tantra, Meditation and the study of many religious systems. It was in 2014 when I discovered Kundalini Yoga Parampara. Right after the first class, I knew I had found something significant! For the first time, I experienced true stillness of the mind and it is in this stillness that I find the answers to my questions. Of course, these answers are never what one would expect them to be, but that`s just what makes this existence so miraculous… 

I have been teaching classes in Goa, Vienna, and France and I am currently sharing Yoga in my home in Austria. I am attending classes and workshops on a regular basis to deepen my knowledge as a practitioner and to increase my credibility as an instructor. I am always corresponding with my beloved teacher and dear friend Rainer Neyer, who is instructing me with upright honesty and great devotion, ever since we first met in a remote village in the Austrian Alps. 

I feel blessed and thankful to have been given the opportunity to share what is helping me so tremendously on this path. We are all eternal students - just children playing and learning in the garden of the divine. For me, yoga means to remember who we really are and to reconnect with our innermost being which is pure bliss.

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